Eastoft, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Rare breeds Bacon and Pork Our Speciality Perky Pigs specialise in outdoor reared, rare breed pork. We believe that the quality taste of the pork is the most important factor. This is best achieved by selecting pigs that are born and bred outdoors. They are then kept in the best possible conditions both physically and psychologically for the whole of their life.

Whats On Offer

Here at we are currently offering several varieties of breed.

They are sold in half pig quantities, butchered as you require.

You are most welcome to visit your pig at anytime, preferably by arrangement. You can even arrange to come and feed your pig.

We can keep in touch with your pigs progress as it grows by sending you regular photos and update via email.

Nearer the date of the delivery of your rare breed pork, will telephone you to arrange an convenient in our own refrigerated van.

A deposit is required when you place an order.

Christmas Special Offers

Why not treat yourself and your family to some rare breed pork this Christmas?
We have some fantastic offers on 1/2 pig and 1/4 pig plus some seasonal variety packs.
1/2 Pig (approx. 20Kg) - Normally £125 - Reduced to £100 - Save £25
1/4 Pig (approx. 10Kg) - Normally £75 - Reduced to £65 - Save £10

Christmas variety packs

Pack 1 contains approximately
350g Lincolnshire Sausages, 350g Plain Sausages, 500g Dry Cured Bacon
only £12.50

Pack 2 contains approximately
500g Pork Chops, 350g Lincolnshire Sausages, 350g Plain Sausages, 320g Pork Burgers, 500g Dry Cured Bacon only £20.00

Pack 3 contains approximately
1Kg Leg of Pork, 1Kg Gammon Joint, 500g Dry Cured Bacon, 350g Lincolnshire Sausages only £30.00

Pack 4 contains approximately
1.5Kg Shoulder Joint, 1.5Kg Gammon Joint, 500g Pork Chops, 500g Dry Cured Bacon,
700g Lincolnshire Sausages only £45.00

Pack 5 contains approximately
2Kg Pork Leg Joint, 2Kg Gammon Joint, 1Kg Pork Chops, 1.4Kg Lincolnshire Sausages, 1Kg Dry Cured Bacon only £75.00

Sausage Selection Pack - Butcher's choice of flavours 8 x 350g pack Only £25

Pigs in Blankets - the very best sausage and dry cured bacon £11.50 per Kg
All of our sausages are Gluten free and are made with 100% pork and natural flavourings - NO FILLERS!
You can purchase any of our products seperately:
Pork Chops £10 per Kg Pork Leg Joint £10 per Kg
Pork Belly £6 per Kg
Pork Rolled Shoulder Joint £8 per Kg
Sausages £10 per Kg
Pork Burgers £10 per Kg
Dry Cured Bacon £12 per Kg
Gammon Steaks £14 per Kg
Gammon Leg Joint £13.50 per Kg
Gammon Shoulder Joint £13 per Kg